My One Month Writing Sabbatical

Long-time readers of my website know I’m a firm believer in consistency; if you want to constantly and never-endingly improve your craft, not only do you have to actually turn up, but you have to do so consistently in order to produce the results you want. That’s why I’ve written and posted an article every […]

How I Cut Back On Social Media (And What I Learnt)

If there’s one obstacle that regularly postpones us from actualising our goals it’s procrastinating because of distractions. This isn’t a new problem (as much as we’d like to argue). In fact, in The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor writes: “It’s not the sheer number and volume of distractions that gets us into trouble; it’s the ease of […]

How to Commit To Your Habits Using the 20 Second Rule

In his book, The Happiness Advantage, happiness researcher Shawn Achor discusses how he wanted to make practicing guitar a daily habit. However, he encountered a problem (one that plagues each and every one of us): as much as he tried, he couldn’t motivate himself to do it. “The guitar was sitting in the closet, a […]

Misidentifying Happiness

Recently, I wrote about how happiness can be a result of either (1) your perception of your environment of (2) the environment itself (or even a combination of the two). [1] The problem people can have is attribute their unhappiness to the latter (when it’s in fact the former) and repeat this irrationalisation again and […]

How to Track Your Habits Using a Habit Tracker

If you’ve read my book, you’ll recall the importance of having a habit tracker to track your habits in order to (1) understand how far you are to automatising them (approximately 66 days) and (2) plan when to improve upon them. [1] I believe one of the most common reasons people fail at overcoming their […]

Photo Booths and Opportunities

7. That’s the number of people I asked yesterday where I could locate a photo booth. No one could tell me. I persevered and eventually, I found one, but I have a confession to make – it was one I’d passed daily but never had noticed. How could that be? What’s more, what else am […]