“Quitting” Your Habits

In hypnotherapy, fractionation is asking a client to close their eyes, relax and open their eyes to recount their experience, before repeating the process.

When this is done over and over again, it puts the client in a very deep trance.

In other words, starting, stopping and re-starting again, intensifies the experience.

Empowering Habits Never Truly Leave You

When you learn how to ride a bicycle, even if you don’t cycle for months (and in some cases, years), you never forget.

Why is that?

There are a lot of scientific theories, but my belief a skill it that is born out of emotion is one that is seldom forgotten.

Distractions Are Inevitable

This morning I went to the gym but when I arrived, I realised I'd forgotten by earphones.

This was really annoying for me because listening to podcasts in the gym is one of my rewards for completing my habit cycle.

Without a reward, it can weaken your habit.

Why Thinking You Have Self-Control Is Causing You To Fail

When I lived in Manchester, I had a barber who told me he’d been in a long-term relationship for over nine years.

I was impressed.

Eventually we became friends and one day I asked him if he’d even been unfaithful to his girlfriend.

People Want to Help You (But You Have to Ask)

We’re all in pain.

The severity of that pain varies from emotion to emotion and person to person.

You feel betrayed by your partner’s infidelity; disappointed when your friend doesn’t return your phone calls; indifferent to your job; misunderstood by society and insignificant when passed over for another person.